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Metabovite - Lipotropic Fat Burner and Weight Loss Supplement

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New Energy-Boosting, Lipotropic Fat Burning Formula Turbo-Charges Your Metabolism to Produce “Weight Loss Clinic” Results Without the Painful Shots or Expensive Bills! Lipotropic compounds help catalyse the breakdown, exporting, and burning of fat for energy, helping restore and optimize metabolic functions that shed weight & inches. Metabovite acts as a “metabolism...

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About Us

Welcome, and thanks for taking an interest in New River Naturals (NRN). We strive to bring “healthy living” products to the market based on a philosophy of natural over fake, substance over style, and quality over compromise.

New River Naturals was founded in 2012 as a subsidiary of Intellectual Property Executives (IPE), which has its roots in over 30 years of researching innovative solutions for aging-related diseases and operates primarily in drug discovery and development. The journey through the mazes of FDA regulations, clinical trials, and legalities surrounding pharmaceuticals has prevented its ability to quickly reach the masses with effective products.

The company was born to bring premium quality nutrition and targeted, specialty supplements to the growing number of Americans discovering the connection between optimal health and personal well being. We currently offer our flagship products in independent pharmacies, weight loss centers, and other local retailers across the US.

Our product pipeline consists of specialty supplements designed for both proactive and reactive health, to help people live healthier, more vibrant lives by targeting existing problems and putting the body in a better position to head off future ones.