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Blog for Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Good evening, everyone! Welcome to today's blog. Today we'll get another article opining on the UK's proposal to include exercise equivalents on nutrition labels(examples of which are in the image from our Facebook link), why you shouldn't listen to your doctor for healthy diet advice, and why you should eat more cantaloupe! First off, I've included articles on this topic 3 times now, but the proposal to include exercise equivalents on foods' nutrition labels fascinates me. Once again, the only real negative mentioned in this latest article is that it could exacerbate the problem of eating disorders, such as orthorexia,...

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Blog for Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Good evening, everyone! Welcome to today's blog post, where we'll look at some of the day's most interesting(according to me, anyway) health and nutrition news stories, as per usual. First up,  this article tells us about a draft bill which was prepared by the House Education and Workforce Committee in our country's House of Representatives. This new bill, called a "Child Nutrition Reauthorization"(CNR) bill, would roll back many of the implements of the 2010 "Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act". There would be a block on future sodium reductions, as well as stricter requirements for schools to meet to qualify for the Community...

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Blog for Thursday, April 7, 2016

Good evening, ladies and gents. Welcome to tonight's blog. Now that we've dispensed with the pleasantries, let's look at some of today's most interesting health and diet headlines. First up! This article discusses the recent move by John Hancock Insurance company to incentivize its life insurance policyholders to buy healthier foods. Policyholders can earn discounts, cash back, and save on their premiums with John Hancock as part of its "Vitality Program"."It’s designed to recognize that nutrition, and particularly nutrition combined with exercise, is really the best recipe for living a long and healthy life," says Michael Doughty, president of John Hancock Insurance,...

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Blog for Monday, April 4, 2016

Good evening, folks! Hope everybody's Monday got their week off to a good start! Tonight is the NCAA Men's Basketball Final, I hope it's an enjoyable game for those of who will be watching. We'll start this blog off with an article that tells us about 5 foods that have gotten a bad rap in the recent past, but are actually more healthy than you might think. They are :1. Eggs, 2. Fat Spreads (like margarine), 3. Potatoes, 4. Dairy, 5. Raw Nuts and Nut Spreads. There are some similarities between their perceptions, For one, eggs, fat spreads, dairy and...

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Blog for Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Good evening, everyone, and happy hump day! We're almost to the end of March, as 2016 is clipping right along! Spring has sprung, Easter has come and gone, and this weekend marks the end of the College Basketball season! The Final Four is something many of us enjoy, and I hope this year's is an exciting one. So, on to the health news of the day! First off, this article has eating advice for people in their 20's-50's. As we age, our metabolism slows, but this doesn't mean we have to gain weight. There are tips there for dealing with some...

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