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Blog for Wednesday, March 9 2016

Good evening, and welcome to today's blog. Hope it finds you feeling well! Here in the Tri-Cities, we're in the midst of a beautiful week, with spring technically just a couple weeks away. Also, today is Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day, (which we'll get back to!), so if you know an RDN, be sure and show them your appreciation. So, our first story of the day tells you about 8 foods that are good for heart health, that you might have been unaware of. Chia seeds, coconut water, shellfish, canned tuna, and oatmeal all received mention, but the most surprising to...

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Blog for Friday, March 4, 2016

Good evening, everybody! Hope it's been a lovely week for you, and that spring will arrive and stick around soon! On to today's stories.......First, , this article discusses a study that found that obesity was a cause in approximately 11 million Dr. visits in 2012. While there are obviously health reasons to try to maintain a healthy weight, this shows one of the economic ramifications of widespread obesity. Imagine how much it would lower health care costs if that 11 million was reduced by half, or more! Waiting times at the Dr.'s office would be reduced as well. Another somewhat disturbing...

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Blog for Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016 (tips for College Students, fast food frequenters, and how the USDA could save 200,000 lives!)

Good evening, folks, and welcome to March! Hope everyone survived Super Tuesday and got out to vote! Certainly not going to get into actual politics here, but boy I wish the election cycle didn't last for 1.5 years. Seems like we spend as much time figuring out who will be president as they spend performing the job! I will now exit my soapbox, and return us to our regularly scheduled blogpost. On to the first article for the day! This article regards a study that looked at the effects of sleep deprivation on hunger. There were some interesting findings. They...

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Blog for Friday, February 26, 2016

Good evening, folks! Hope it's been a healthy, prosperous week for you! We're getting closer and closer to springtime, and if you're like me, you can't wait! Today's articles will focus on the diets of young people/millenials, ask:are you eating too much soy?, and tell you about some fermented foods that can increase your gut health! The first article looks at the lack of education on healthy eating available to young people. Since many diseases, like heart disease, have their roots in young adulthood, knowing how to eat healthily is something people should learn at a young age. The article also...

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Blog for Wednesday, February 24, 2016(Taco Bell, healthy?, why you overeat, etc.)

Good evening, and welcome to the New River Naturals blog. How's hump day treating you? I hope the answer is well, as we continue on to the weekend, with the 2nd month of 2016 nearly gone. So, what's the health news we'll be looking at today? First off, an article that greatly surprised me, which talks about some of the changes that Taco Bell has undergone in the last several years. I was aware of "innovations" like the Doritos taco, which obviously isn't one of their more healthy offerings. Apparently, parallel to their more indulgent new offerings, they've developed vegetarian options,...

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