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Blog for Friday, February 19, 2016 (fines for not exercising, what a "pulse" is, and more!)

TGIF, folks! Aren't you glad the weekend's here? And if your weather is trending the way ours is in Johnson City, there's certainly more to look forward to than last weekend. Hope you can find something enjoyable to do outdoors, enjoy some natural beauty. So........on to the health news for today! First off, a bit of a rehash from a post from the last couple weeks, this article discusses a study on the dietary habits of people who have been thin their entire lives. This study was referenced in a previous blog, but there were a couple bits of info in...

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Blog for Wednesday, February 17, 2016 (on "Veggans" and "Cloud Bread")

Happy Wednesday, folks! Hope it's been a fine one for you, as it has been in Johnson City. We're thawing out here, and hoping that trend continues. So, on to the stories for today! First off, there's an article discussing how, in the author's view, a new diet fad called "veggan" is disrespectful to what she(as well as "The Vegan Society", among others) perceives "vegan" to mean. To be quick about it, the "veggan" diet allows eggs, true "veganism" does not. But, according to the author, being a "vegan" is more than a diet, it's a philosophy, a way of life,...

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Happy Friday! Hope you're staying warm!

Good evening, folks! Hope you're staying warm and safe if you're in areas being hit by this latest winter storm. Here in Johnson City, it's not quite as pretty as the picture I've attached, but close. So, on to the health news from around the interwebs for today. First off, we have a piece where Lisa Mallonee, a registered dietitian from Texas A&M debunks some popular diet myths. She takes on gluten-free desserts, "fat-free" foods, energy bars, but most importantly, she debunks the myth that "you shouldn't follow dietary advice from the internet". To paraphrase her, there is good information...

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Health Blog for Wednesday, February 10th

So, if you've been keeping up with the blog here, there's one thing for certain: dietary recommendations are constantly changing! One "expert" says that food "x" is the newest, latest, greatest, and then another "expert" refutes what the 1st said. This isn't a new phenomenon. Our first article looks at the history of the USDA's dietary recommendations, the first of which came in 1894, the article states. That's before things like "vitamins" had even been discovered! The visual representations used include a couple pyramids, a wheel, a plate, and a square, all in an effort to illustrate a proper diet. In...

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Not eating healthy for the Super Bowl? How about starting Monday?

Happy Friday, all you wonderful people on the interwebs. Hope this week has treated you well, and you've paid it forward to those around you. In Wednesday's blog, I gave you links to some healthy recipe ideas for your Super Bowl party. I already know that many of you aren't going to take that suggestion, at least according to our first article. While many people out there take advantage of the new year to begin making healthy choices, alot of people(mostly men!) wait until the Monday after the Super Bowl to begin trying to eat healthier fair. Apparently food and football...

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