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Diet Game-changer?

So, after taking a look at the past year's most important health discoveries, here's a look at what the future of dieting could hold. By as soon as 2020, DNA-specific diets could be a reality, according to some scientists. This is a pretty exciting possibility, as certain diets just don't work for some people. It could also answer a lot of interesting, but maybe not vital questions, like, "Why can Bob eat twice what I eat and never gain a pound?". Anyway, hope it's an interesting read. Also, hope you don't wait until 2020 to start trying to be healthy,...

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Top Ten Healthy Discoveries of 2015

Wow, another year basically in the books. Hope 2015 was a healthy, prosperous year for you. And if it wasn't, 2016 can be better, if you'll let it, and maybe give it some help. This article will tell you about some interesting discoveries scientists and nutritionists made this year, some of which have been referenced in previous blogs. For instance, the added longevity eating spicy foods can provide is mentioned. Also of note are the reassessments many nutritionists have made regarding fat intake, which suddenly isn't the "cardinal dietary sin" it was once considered. Saturated fat is also making a push...

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8 Foods you should include in your diet

So this article is a list(which everyone LOVES, right?) that tells you a bit about some "Superfoods" that you should be eating more of, with most of the article's information coming from nutritionists. There are a couple nuts, some high-fiber choices, and my favorite, avocadoes. The biggest takeaway I had after reading it is the term "satiety". For those who are curious, it is defined as "the feeling or state of being sated". And, further, sate is defined as "to satisfy a desire to the full". Which is all to say, some of the foods that are healthiest are those that...

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10 tips to Healthy Holiday Eating

The holidays can be a wonderful time, visiting and eating with friends and family. They can also be a very easy time to overindulge. This link gives you some tips to stay healthy, so that you'll still need the padding in that Santa suit. And if you are naughty, and have a bit too much to eat or drink, and do put on those pounds, well guess what? You already know how to find our website, and can start the New Year right by taking Metabovite, eating healthy, and getting regular exercise. Be healthy, my friends.

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Another downside to a vegetarian diet (But a sort of upside to Bacon?)

I know I posted an article to Facebook a few weeks ago, which spoke of increased mental health risk from a vegetarian diet. Well now I'm giving you a link to an article about a study that looks at the environmental costs if everyone became vegetarian converts, since that was a suggestion the USDA had made to alleviate some public health concerns. They concluded that this mass-vegetarianism would increase energy and water costs, as well as increase greenhouse gas emissions. The most hard to swallow statement I read was that lettuce was 3 times worse than bacon in greenhouse gas emissions....

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