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Another downside to a vegetarian diet (But a sort of upside to Bacon?)

I know I posted an article to Facebook a few weeks ago, which spoke of increased mental health risk from a vegetarian diet. Well now I'm giving you a link to an article about a study that looks at the environmental costs if everyone became vegetarian converts, since that was a suggestion the USDA had made to alleviate some public health concerns. They concluded that this mass-vegetarianism would increase energy and water costs, as well as increase greenhouse gas emissions. The most hard to swallow statement I read was that lettuce was 3 times worse than bacon in greenhouse gas emissions. Then I read that they calculated this on a "per-calorie" basis. (How many heads of lettuce do you think it takes to equal 1 slice of bacon calorically?) This reminded me of a statement I heard once about statistics being worse than lies. But I still don't think vegetarianism is a bad thing, at all. It clearly doesn't work for everyone, but it looks like that in itself may be a good thing. Just trying to drop a little knowledge, and help you to Be Healthy, my friends. 


Fyi: 1 Head of Lettuce=approximately 53 calories. 1 Slice of Bacon=approximately 43 calories. So calorically, 1 head of lettuce=0.8113207 slices of bacon. You're welcome. 

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