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Wholesale Pricing

Do you own or operate an independent pharmacy, weight loss clinic, chiropractic office, tanning salon, spa, or fitness center – or operate another business that would benefit from carrying our products? New River Naturals product line can add an additional low-risk profit center for your business while filling the needs of your customers looking for specialty extracts and nutritional supplements. We offer premium quality dietary supplements at a very competitive consumer price points.

If you are a qualified account, please contact us to discuss our product line, pricing, and setting up a wholesale account.



New River Naturals is open to expanding its distribution across the US. If you are an established distributor with a client base that would benefit from carrying New River Naturals premium quality dietary supplements, please contact us to discuss our products and distributor pricing in more detail.

Our products have done well in independent pharmacies, weight loss clinics, chiropractic offices, tanning salons, spas, and fitness centers, where the customer base is generally health conscious and/or seeking solutions. We are open to distribution in other markets as well.