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8 Foods you should include in your diet

So this article is a list(which everyone LOVES, right?) that tells you a bit about some "Superfoods" that you should be eating more of, with most of the article's information coming from nutritionists. There are a couple nuts, some high-fiber choices, and my favorite, avocadoes. The biggest takeaway I had after reading it is the term "satiety". For those who are curious, it is defined as "the feeling or state of being sated". And, further, sate is defined as "to satisfy a desire to the full". Which is all to say, some of the foods that are healthiest are those that keep you feeling sated the longest(on a per-calorie basis, of course). So, to be a healthier you, you don't have to not eat, or always be hungry. The key is fitting things into your diet that will satisfy your hunger, and keep you sated longer. There are plenty of choices out there to help you be healthy, my friends.

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