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Top Ten Healthy Discoveries of 2015

Wow, another year basically in the books. Hope 2015 was a healthy, prosperous year for you. And if it wasn't, 2016 can be better, if you'll let it, and maybe give it some help. This article will tell you about some interesting discoveries scientists and nutritionists made this year, some of which have been referenced in previous blogs. For instance, the added longevity eating spicy foods can provide is mentioned. Also of note are the reassessments many nutritionists have made regarding fat intake, which suddenly isn't the "cardinal dietary sin" it was once considered. Saturated fat is also making a push to be removed from the dietary "naughty list", with it's former spot being held by the dreaded trans fat. The discovery of your brain's connection to your lymphatic system was crucial, as well as the reason your iPhone keeps from getting crucial, high-quality sleep. All-in-all, this top ten list is pretty informative, offering many solid tips to help you be healthy, my friends.

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