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Blog for Wednesday, February 17, 2016 (on "Veggans" and "Cloud Bread")

Happy Wednesday, folks! Hope it's been a fine one for you, as it has been in Johnson City. We're thawing out here, and hoping that trend continues. So, on to the stories for today! First off, there's an article discussing how, in the author's view, a new diet fad called "veggan" is disrespectful to what she(as well as "The Vegan Society", among others) perceives "vegan" to mean. To be quick about it, the "veggan" diet allows eggs, true "veganism" does not. But, according to the author, being a "vegan" is more than a diet, it's a philosophy, a way of life, dedicated to animal liberation. (I had been told of the distinction between "vegan" and "vegetarian" before, but it's not something that comes up often) That being said, as a non-vegan, the name "veggan" accurately describes to me what a "veggan" would eat.(veggies and eggs, simple,right?) It is apparently a modern right to feel indignant about something, even if that "something" is a name for a trendy diet that might actually improve the health of your fellow man. Moving on, our 2nd article for today reminds us of the importance of omega-3 fatty acids to our heart health! I mentioned a couple weeks ago that February is American Heart Month, so in that "vein" (see what I did there?), remember that Salmon and Albacore Tuna are among the fish highest in omega acids, and according to the American Heart Association, you should eat 3.5 ounces of fish at least 2 times a week! (other good options: mackerel, sardines, lake trout),  Next up, the newest diet fad! First, we brought you the low carb diet, then the latest, greatest thing was "gluten-free". Now we present to you:"Cloud Bread", which is both low-carb, AND gluten-free!!!!! Only in America, folks. But, seriously, it's a trend which is gaining traction, and is said to be "yummy". (though those quoted as calling it "yummy" in the article were also described as being carb-phobic, maybe they just hadn't had any bread in a while?) Nutritionists have split opinions on "cloud bread", with some saying it's a good way to watch your carb intake, but also noting it's higher in fat than regular bread. Of course, fat has become less of a dietary dirty word for some in the recent past. All in all, maybe it helps some people eat more wisely, and it certainly has a catchy name! (Hope nobody thinks it's disrespectful to actual clouds!) Guess that about does it for today! May your bread by light as clouds, and your fish high in omega-3 acids! (and try not to get your feelings hurt over a couple little eggs!) Be healthy, my friends!

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