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How do I eat healthy in 2016?

Hey there, everybody! Hope you managed to ring in the New Year happily, healthily, and safely! Now it's time to get serious about those resolutions! There are certainly plentiful pieces being written at this time of year to encourage the new, healthier you. This article was quite enjoyable, though it's devoid of much real advice. Apparently those living the longest among us have their vices, like bacon, and whiskey, too. The funniest tidbit I found was that several of them say that staying single is their longevity secret. Here's an article that looks at the other end of the life cycle. It offers the results of a study where children were told to "eat more slowly, and stop eating when full". A novel concept, of course(wink,wink). By allowing their "satiety reflex" to activate, these children are not only not becoming fat now, but are developing eating habits that will benefit them the rest of their lives. Gimmick diets are probably most popular during this time of year, and here is a list of 5 gimmicky diets to avoid in 2016. This article gives a historical look at what has constituted the ever-changing "perfect" diet, and how new information shows us where we've been wrong. As far as informative, here's the piece I found most interesting. It's written by a nutritionist who claims that many of her clients biggest struggle isn't with diet or exercise, but with their emotions. Everyone has different emotional triggers and responses, and many of us respond to certain emotions by eating. Recognizing this pattern and trying to solve the problem's root is a new approach to me, anyway. So, this one is a little longer than usual, but there's maybe a little more meat(pun intended). Hope there's something here that you can use in your quest to be healthy, my friends.

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