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Super Bowl Sunday approaches! How to keep it healthy...

The biggest game of the year is almost here! Sunday's matchup between the Broncos and Panthers is going to watched by many, as the Super Bowl is annually the highest-rated television program of the year. And what do must of us do while we watch the big game? Eat. And for the majority of us, it's not health food. Pizza, chicken wings, chips, and dips are among the many staples of this cultural holiday. But there are other options! This first article features some healthy takes on some staples like chicken wings and chili, as well as some suggestions on how to "sneak" in some veggies. If those recipes don't suit you, perhaps these recipes from a Denver Broncos fan are more your cup of tea. (She says that even Carolina fans will enjoy them!) The next recipe offerings, also from a Denver fan, feature "Creamy Bronco Herb Dip", and "Marinated Mushrooms". (btw, I did TRY to be fair to the Carolina fans and find some healthy recipes of theirs). Alright, moving on.... So there are other things going on in February, as February is American Heart Month. It's a great time of year to try to improve your heart health, and here's an article with several dietary suggestions to improve your heart health and give your heart a "Valentine". Next up, several weeks ago, I posted a link to an article about Tom Brady's diet. In it, it was mentioned that he abstains from eating "nightshades". This is a class of vegetable that includes tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, etc. This led many people to question their own intake of "nightshades". This article  sets you straight on "nightshades". And our last entry of the day is an article regarding a study that's found a new health benefit to a high-fiber diet. While many benefits of high-fiber diets are old news, this recently published study found that teenage girls that ate high-fiber diets(28 or more grams daily) reduced their risk of breast cancer before menopause by 24%, and reduced their lifetime risk of breast cancer by 16%. Pretty significant, I'd say. Guess that's a wrap for today, folks. Be healthy, my friends!

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