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Metabovite™ ** 2-Pack ** No More Painful B12 Shots, Just Results - Promotes Weight Loss - Energy-boosting Fat Burner - Max Appetite Suppression - Pharmacist Formulated & Approved

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New Energy-Boosting, Lipotropic Fat Burning Formula Turbo-Charges Your Metabolism to Produce “Weight Loss Clinic” Results Without the Painful Shots or Expensive Bills!

Lipotropic compounds help catalyse the breakdown, exporting, and burning of fat for energy, helping restore and optimize metabolic functions that shed weight & inches.
Metabovite acts as a “metabolism multiplier & appetite suppressant” by providing an optimal pound-shedding amino acid profile and fat burning actives to help melt stubborn fat and ramp up cellular activity for long-term results.
  • No shots, just results*
  • Promotes Weight Loss*
  • Max Appetite Suppression*
  • Energy-Boosting Fat Burner*
Six fat-burning ingredients. Exclusive formula using NRN MIC Complex. Convenient veggie-capsule form. No more painful shots or bad-tasting tablets. Most B12 per capsule (2500 mcg). Maximum appetite suppression. Increased support for nervous/immune system. No fillers - only pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Pharmacist formulated and approved!
* These statements have not been This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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