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Scotland's diet concerns sound familiar......

"You are what you eat", the popular saying goes. And alot of what we all like to eat is bad for us. The people of Scotland have some of the same dietary concerns, and associated health problems that many Americans also have. The link below tells of the lack of progress Scotland's people are making towards dietary goals their government has set for them. The funny thing is, 3/4 of the Scots believe they have a "very healthy diet". Another popular saying..."The first step to fixing a problem is acknowledging that the problem exists". It's pretty crucial. Though this link doesn't have any real "advice", like most of the previously linked articles, it caught my eye because it reminded me that Americans aren't the only people whose diet needs improving. That, and the obliviousness part. Self-awareness is critical to improvement. Be healthy, my friends. 

 " 'No progress' on Scottish diet, says Food Standards Scotland"

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